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Bhutan Hotel School Expanding!

I would like to ask you for your help.

As you know we have set up a non-profit hotel school in Bhutan: Bongde Institute for Hospitality and Tourism (BIHT)

In a short time, we have achieved great success with the following milestones as proof:

  • 100% success rate! All students have found jobs in 5 star hotels
  • Our Restaurant was voted Best Restaurant in Bhutan,by Lonely Planet
  • Extremely low dropout rate
  • Costs kept to bare minimum. Lowest costs per student for any comparable Hotel School
  • Transformed lives:Students are underprivileged and unemployed. Some are even former drug addicts.

We are extremely proud of how far our students have come.


BIHT is entering its third year and will start training its third class. To deal with the increased demand, we have opened a new dormitory. This will allow us to train 70 students (doubling our capacity).


To further put BIHT on a solid financial footing we plan to open a quality bakery and coffee shop near the airport in Paro, Bhutan. This will generate more revenue and train students in baking, coffee, and retail service.

Last year, we received financial support from the Bhutanese government, but due to govt. budget restrictions, our grant funding has been cut to zero for 2017. This has created a shortfall of Euros 50.000 that we must fill.

I am reaching out to our friends now for help.

I am making a personal request to help BIHTYour support will allow us to continue our important work toimprove lives of disadvantaged youth in Bhutan and expand our important work.

Please support our work with a donation of Euros 1.000,–

Your support will fundamentally change lives.


Thank you

Dr. Rieki Crins

Founder of Bongde Institute for Hospitality and Tourism.